Important tips on car shipping


Have you decided to move your car to a new place then know some important tips regarding the auto moving companies, vehicle shipping process and more? You cannot move the car as easy as you move some other things, some steps should be taken and precautionary measure should be followed and should be fully aware of its process. Letís have a discussion regarding the car shipping in the following paragraphs.

How to transport the car?

So you have decided to move to a new place, you want your prestigious car to be transported to the new place safely. Then, go for the auto transport companies who provide you the reliable service. It is best to use auto moving companies for the process of moving your car so that your car can be reached safely.

How to select the best auto transport company?
Select the company which offers you the best and quality service in a friendly manner. Get valuable suggestions from your friends who have been utilized the help of moving companies and use the source of internet and search the companies through its keyword. Find the numbers of the moving companies through telephone book and choose the company which has outstanding experience in transportation.

Things to know when selecting the company:
While selecting the movers follow these things, so that your car moving process will be an easy one.
  • Choose a company which provides quality and economical service
  • Don’t get excited when the company provides you the lowest offer, think twice before you accept it
  • Enquire about the company outside and compare the charges and service with the other companies
  • Go through the certificates of auto shipping company and particularly go through the mcsa safety and fitness electronic records.
  • There are auto transport review websites which guide you regarding the complaints and comments about the company.
  • Make sure that they have federal license, correct court documents, cargo insurance and more.

Know the payment methods and insurance details

After finding the company, know its payment details and other details

    • Know what payments they accept and also what payment method they use.
    • Some companies may ask you to deposit some money and few may ask you to pay the full money in advance.
    • Read the contract and be aware of the contract,  some hidden fees may be listed in a small column in the contract
    • Always have the cash ready because some may not accept credit card or debit card on delivery.

    Few important tips
    Remove the toolbox and other accessories before your car is shipped, ensure whether the transportation company has gps car tracking facility, take photograph of your vehicle and disable the car alarm, make the copies of insurance polices and all other details in the writing format, make arrangements one month before shipping and avoid last minute rush. Make sure that the company provides you the bill of lading and inspecting your car completely. Follow these tips and have a safe transportation of your valuable car

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